Electrical Trainer


11 trouble switches insert challenging problems into the circuits

Made with real world components and eleven insertable problems, this diagnostic simulator is used to help students and technicians learn how to use their DVOM. Solid construction is designed to survive years of use and abuse.

• Standard automotive connectors, relays, lights and other components
• Circuit breakers — No fuses to buy!
• Heavy duty construction
• Ten trouble switches
• Internal 12 volt power supply
• No banana clips!
• No breadboards!
• Standard automotive components which will prepare your students to work on real vehicles.


Learn the secret of the Positive-Negative Voltage test.

Learn the secret of the Positive-Negative Voltage test

• Reinforce electrical fundamentals with your students.
• Learn how Ohm’s Law relationship factors will help you pinpoint problems.
• Learn everything you need to know about meter usage to make troubleshooting a breeze.
• Learn how to perform basic checks for faster diagnosis of problems.
• Learn voltage drop testing to determine the possible circuit conflicts and get right to the heart of the problem quickly.
• Learn to use Positive-Negative Voltage testing so you can determine which side of the circuit you are working with.
• Increase the amount of time your students can spend on hands-on diagnosis, even in small shops.